Thursday, November 17, 2005

Garett Lim, Nicholas Teo and Dawn Yeo.

I’m not a great fan of TV shows like “Star Idol”. It’s not that I don't support local TV but I think they're really overdoing it. After the success of "Singapore Idol", they started 123123 similar programs for e.g. "The Next Big Thing" and "Project Superstar". They even have the superstar host thing! Don’t they realize too much of something is never good?

Anyway, my original intention wasn't to flame MediaCorp. I know Garett personally and I want to do him some justice in this post.

Garett is actually a very nice guy unlike how the media portrays him to be. From what I remember, he is gentlemanly, funny and definitely a great conversationalist. Although not as good looking as his fellow contestants, his fan club is doing as well if not better. Why? Because he is one who instills the saying, "confidence is beauty". It is this confidence in him that made him charismatic and gained him the support of the masses. There is this talk about his brother contributing to his fame. This, I do not deny, but come on, give him some credit. If he doesn't have any star qualities, I’m sure he wouldn't have made it to top 20. If you remember, from some time back, Christopher Lee's brother joined one of these star scouting programs as well, but did not get selected. Christopher Lee is definitely much more popular than Leon is but it did not affect the judges' unanimous decision to disqualify his brother.

People must also know that this is a television program, which means for the sake of higher viewership, they will do anything to make it more interesting. TV programs are being edited before they're being shown on TV. They cut bits and pieces and put them together, manipulating both the contestants and the audience, creating a character for each contestant. Remember how everyone hated that guy (I forgot his name *sheepish grin*) in “An Eye for a Guy 1? In the end, after the whole program ended, he explained himself that he was normal like everyone else but it was the editing of the whole program that made him Mr. Nasty. It was all for viewership's sake. There must always be a bad guy in every show otherwise it would be pretty dry, won't it? I do not disagree with the media's way of doing things. I just hope people will understand this point and not take for real what they see. In this case, Garett happens to be the unlucky guy selected to be Mr. Arrogant.

Nic has the looks of a star with broad shoulders, model's height, chiseled features and a really hot bod (well, he trains almost EVERYDAY) , but character wise, he is definitely not one whom I will call a good guy. Oh well, this is Star Idol, not Iinner Beauty Idol. What can I say? By the way, I do know him personally, so this accusation is not unfounded. I do not want to post any things he did to prove my point because he might make it big some day. No publicity is bad publicity but... *shrugs*

Dawn Yeo's in the papers again. As much as I don't like her, I think people should give her a break. Now it seems like every part on her is fake. Come on, you guys are over doing it. She did something about her eyes and nose, that I do not deny, but what's with pinpointing every part of her and even her mum? If you don't like her, you should direct remarks only at her, not her family members. Even the management is not saying anything about that surgery crap. Just let the matter rest, aight?

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